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HD Raser


The HD Raser is a 42U, high-density, hyper-efficient Micro-Modular Data Center container capable of cooling fully redundant IT loads from 20 to 80 kW.

The rack enclosure uses pre-engineered closed loop (re-circulated) cooling with zero bypass airflow. This “best practice” method of cooling contains the hot and cold aisles providing one of the greenest IT solutions on the market today with a PUE as low as 1.1



The Spear is a 24U, NEMA 12 or optional NEMA 4 micro-modular data center solution that provides from 2.5KW to 6.0KW of closed loop cooling directly to the industry’s latest high-density equipment with no need for costly infrastructure.

The mobile rack enclosure allows one person to move up to 1,000 pounds of electronic equipment at the push of a button.  The relocatable platform can be moved with a pallet jack.

DX Raser


The DX Raser is, hardened, 42U rack enclosure that can completely replace the building shell portion of a standard data center. The unit can provide the equivalent of up to 130 square feet of high-density, fireproof floor space with 42,000 BTU of closed loop cooling applied directly to the equipment.

Equipped with industry standard 19" racks, the DX Raser can accommodate the world’s most high-tech equipment.

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Elliptical Mobile Solutions,EMC, Avnet and Microsoft team up to offer VSPEX Mobile Data Center

Introducing Shield 12U Rack Enclosure with Onboard Cooling

Raser Agility In Row Cooling

Micro Data Center

Micro-Modular Data Center

The Raser Agility in Row Cooling is a dynamic new Micro-Modular Data Center product that offers the agility to adapt to ever-changing density requirements in any data center environment both indoors and outdoors. The solution offers flexible densities - from 2.5KW to 80KW per cabinet - with little to no additional engineering or building modifications. Operators can add additional cabinets with scalable densities within the same row without having to worry about how the higher density cabinets will impact the rest of the data center.

c3 spear

HD Raser

  • Data Center Implementation Using Chilled or High
    Temperature Water
  • High Performance Computing
  • Easy Cloud Implementation
  • Grid Computing
  • High-Density Zone
  • Data Center Hot Zones

DX Raser

  • New Data Center Build
  • Data Center Retrofit or Expansion
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • High Density Zone
  • Remote Location Data Center
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity


  • Instant Data Center or Network Closet
  • Remote Office Support
  • Data Center in a Remote Location
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Mobile Computing
  • Private Cloud
  • Emergency Management
  • Data Center Expansion or Retrofit


12U Rack Enclosure with Cooling

The Shield is a 12U, NEMA 12 Micro-Modular Data Center™ product that provides from 1.4 kW to 2.8 kW of cooling directly to the equipment. The sturdy rack enclosure is completely sealed protecting valuable sever equipment, routers, switches and networking equipment from dust, dirt, debris and tampering.

The compact Shield is suitable for clients needing IT in areas where equipment requires added levels of protection such as manufacturing facilities, research institutions, military, forensics and the film industry. The enclosure is also ideal for industries that don’t require high compute capacity, but want to keep their equipment safe and cool. These include retail, hospitality, banks, small businesses, health care as well as federal, state and local governments.